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 Marion Jarvis-McLean

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 Customer Feedback

"Thank you for giving me the chance to learn lessons in life I will never forget"

H.B. United Kingdom

"Marion has absolutely amazing intuition"
K.B. United Kingdom

Marion's courses are humorous, exciting and well prepared"
M. D. Switzerland


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A Life Coaching Retreat can really help to optimise your life. We humans invest large amounts of time and money, mostly materialistic investments, that simply do not have the potential for providing everlasting, inner harmony.


We also attend courses which help us understand computers to make them serve us well (or we try at least!), we send our cars for a service to ensure optimal performance and many of us develop our pets by going to a trainer - but what do we do for ourselves? How do we optimise our own personal development, learn about our inner self? Life is beautiful in many, many ways and our own journey through life is so uniquely precious but oh so fleeting! So let us develop our inner potential and create a strong, healthy mind that does not crumble at the first hurdle !

It is all about "feeding your mind a healthy diet". It is never an outside event or situation alone, which in itself has the power to create problems for our inner harmony but more our attitude to it. We alone determine our happiness or sadness. We are responsible for our destiny in more ways than we may care to appreciate by the way we think and in all of us lies enormous potential and power. Tap into this enormous power source and you can influence your own life positively regarding all of the following:


- gaining all round wisdom for life

- relationships

- parental guidance 

- bereavement 

- discovering your spiritual side and inner potential 

- avoiding burn out 

- healthier eating habits  

- fear and anger management 

- life / death issues  

- ageing successfully  

- getting through the twenties  

- decision making 

- giving up smoking and many more......

I look forward to welcoming you to one of our beautiful venues.

Treat yourself or someone else you care about, to a new experience you or they are sure to thoroughly enjoy !

Welcome to:  "The Retreat Within".